Foster a love for reading

by making it fun while connecting deeply with your child. Make it feel


There are major time constraints so you have no time. You wish you had more patience. You wonder how to best approach your child when she gets frustrated or simply won’t listen to you. You want to prioritize your child yet wonder how to make it all happen.
You’re a caregiver with a desire to be active in your child’s education. You want to find ways to engage your child in a way that excites him and develops his independence. You desire to raise a confident and compassionate child.

That’s why Magic Reading might just be the perfect program for you! You’ll learn how through play you can make precious moments count. Through literacy-rich experiences you’ll deepen your emotional connection with your child while simultaneously developing foundational literacy skills. Your child will embrace a deep love for learning and confidently start school strong!

Through Magic Reading, a child-centered, play-based program, you’ll discover that day-to-day experiences can be thoughtful, strategic & intentional learning moments — which can be loads of fun!



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Our children more than ever need our presence and wisdom to develop into resilient and compassionate individuals.

What if you were to learn HOW to do that while making your child’s learning journey fun and purposeful? Would that change how you engage with your child?  Could that deepen your bond? Could that curve potential tantrums?

Magic Reading is designed to inspire and support parents through education, so they feel empowered to be active partners in their children’s learning. You’ll learn how to connect with your child while simultaneously learning how to playfully immerse him in meaningful and literacy-rich experiences. You’ll be equipped to serve as an EMPOWERED partner in education by learning how to encourage your child to deepen their talk, foster their independence, and cultivate a love for learning. With play-based strategies and tools specific to your child’s needs you can have an incredible impact on your child’s life. You’ll be better equipped to help prevent literacy problems that might otherwise crop up at age five, or beyond. You’ll learn how to prevent tantrums and inspire curiosity. You’ll learn how to make those existing moments of learning meaningful and powerful. You will be more skilled at connecting deeply with your child while teaching important life skills.

Learn how to honor your child’s literacy journey with
child-centered, play-based strategies that are fun for all!

Meet Cindy Peña-Sperger… Educator and Magic Reader Founder!

As someone who has worked in education for over 20 years, I have been inspired by what happens when empowered adults, whether parents, caregivers or primary teachers, honor where children are in their learning and joyfully build on this knowledge. With child-centered and play-based tools and strategies, the learning experience becomes magical – children and adults connect deeply and children deepen their understanding of how the world works.

The research has repeatedly shown how the first five years of a child’s life have a direct impact on their future well-being, development, and growth. Through my customized program, The Enchanting Reading Experience, and coaching support, we show families exactly how to deeply engage with children while immersing them in books, music, movement… and much more! Parents learn how to make story time powerful, deepen learning, develop critical literacy skills and most importantly, raise confident and compassionate children.

Find out how to strengthen your child’s first five years.