The Enchanting Reading Experience 90-Day Program


On a reading journey with your little one. You’re intentional. Knowledgeable.

You’re creating powerful learning opportunities that foster a love
for reading and capture precious moments that deepen a bond with your child.

You know how to link your child’s experiences and natural curiosities to build up their confidence that strengthen and grow early literacy skills, the critical building blocks that pave their path to reading.

You’re empowered and your child is delighted with the playful opportunities you have created that make learning fun and meaningful.

All of that and more are available to you today with

Magic Reading’s The Enchanting Reading Experience 90-Day Program.

As you know …
It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.

The Enchanting Reading Experience
90-Day Program provides you …

Even the experts realize that a coach is incredibly beneficial. They know coaches help them identify and focus on what’s important.
is a credentialed teacher. Yes. They have the experience and knowledge to serve in a classroom and effectively teach reading and writing.
will customize the Magic Reading program to ensure that you and your child are guided through the learning process.

The Enchanting Reading Experience
90-Day Program will help you…

Unleash Your Power

Build a toolkit of engagement strategies that go beyond keeping children busy.

Boost Engagement

Learn how to read in a way that goes way beyond teaching reading skills and have fun doing it.

Connect & Contribute

Learn from a community of caregivers who share a wealth of knowledge & experiences.

Get Empowered

Serve as a powerful Partner in Education with a newfound knowledge of emergent literacy fundamentals.

Achieve Balance

Create opportunities to strengthen reading fundamentals and make it fun with art, music, math, movement and more!

Honor the Whole Child

Go beyond academics and learn how to support socio-emotional and social-development growth.

How It Works

Parent & Coach Determine Needs, Set Goals & Create a Plan
Parent Completes Learning Modules & Tries Out New Strategies
Parent & Coach Check-in & Repeat the Coaching Process!

Customize Your Coaching Package

Find out how to strengthen your child’s first five years.